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Survivors Stories

Juliet Aguwa

Juliet Uzoma-Aguwa moved from West Africa to the U.S. in 1996 to get an education and a better life. By 2008, she was married, had two daughters and was living the life she’d always hoped for. But after a clean routine checkup, she sought a second opinion on a lump in her left breast. An… Read more “Juliet Aguwa”

Juliet Aguwa

Nikia Hammonds-Blakely

When Nikia Hammonds-Blakely was first diagnosed, breast cancer awareness and treatment options were far from where they are today. It was 1994, she was 16 years old and felt powerless in her situation. But that didn’t keep her quiet for long. This is the story of an incredible young woman who found her voice in… Read more “Nikia Hammonds-Blakely”

Nikia Hammonds

Selinah Wanyoike

Be Encouraged
I’m a mother of three little boys and I was diagnosed by stage 3 advanced breast cancer whereby I had to start chemotherapy immediately. I had gone 21 chemotherapy and mastectomy and now I am going for radiation and herceptin (3×9 months). I am well and I have seen my God walking… Read more “Selinah Wanyoike”

Selinah Wanyoike

Nancy’s breast cancer survivor story

My name is Nancy. I am a 2 1/2 year breast cancer survivor. Luckily, my cancer was caught by mammogram in the very early stages. It was a stage 1 cancer. I had a lumpectomy and all the lymph nodes removed under the arm on that side. The nodes were all clear. I was able… Read more “Nancy’s breast cancer survivor story”

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Co – Survivors Stories

Dana – Granddaughter of breast cancer survivor

In 1993 I was being trained in the field of Mammography, by the U.S. Air Force. I really did not want to do Mammography. I was young and silly, I thought it would be very odd to handle other women’s breasts, even though it was a medical test. I became increasingly aware of the importance… Read more “Dana – Granddaughter of breast cancer survivor”


Sherri – Daughter of breast cancer survivor

When I was a freshman in college my Mom was diagnoses with breast cancer. She had been sent by her family doctor to a heart specialist and this doctor found a small lump in her breast. When Mom’s family doctor examined the lump he did not like what he felt so he sent my Mom… Read more “Sherri – Daughter of breast cancer survivor”


Danny – 30 year old husband of breast cancer survivor

At 30 years of age I had it all and felt I’d done it all. Three kids, beautiful wife, strong faith in God, good health, great parents and brothers, and a small business that was taking off. Being self-employed I had a lot of time with my children and wife. I was doing everything I… Read more “Danny – 30 year old husband of breast cancer survivor”


Kimberly – daughter of breast cancer survivor

It’ll be one year next week -July 31st to be exact, that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. In May my mother was down to see me in Florida for my graduation from nursing school. She was very proud of me. On her return to Ohio she decided to go to the doctor’s for… Read more “Kimberly – daughter of breast cancer survivor”

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