18 year-old granddaughter of breast survivor

/18 year-old granddaughter of breast survivor

18 year-old granddaughter of breast survivor

Breast Cancer was a new thing for me when I found out the my grandmother had it. I went to see my dad and he was crying and my dad isn’t the type of person to cry about something small so I new something was wrong. I kept asking him over and over again what was wrong, he kept telling me “Nothing is wrong Tiffany…..” Which I knew right there was a lie. He finally told me after 20 minutes of me asking him why he was crying.

He told me, “Your Grandmother has breast cancer, please don’t tell your brothers and sister because they don’t know yet.” I then too started bawling. I ran outside and just started bawling. In August I had lost my cousin in a motor vehicle accident, so I was already depressed, but this was even worse! I didn’t really know anything about cancer treatment all I knew was therapy made your hair fall out! And I was scared… scared for myself and my family.

I didn’t go around much before I turned 14. I made the decision that I wanted to get to know my dad and my other family as well. I’m 18 now so it was 4 years ago that I started going to Austin on a regular basis. In August of 2004 she had gone to the doctors and they had found something to be concerned about it her breast. They ran many test on her and it took weeks. I didn’t go to the hospital when she [was] in there. I was scared, I didn’t know what to expect and what they would be doing to her. I regret everyday of my life for not going up to the hospital when she was in there. Although she is still with us I still regret myself not going up and seeing her when she needed me the most.

It wasn’t until near the end of September that they had diagnosed her with breast cancer. NO one in my family has ever had breast cancer before so it was so new to me. I was so scared. They took both her breast off during surgery on October 12, 2004. She had to go through a lot of recovery. And she then took chemo treatments. I couldn’t imagine how she was feeling through all the treatments. My grandmother is really tough, so I knew she would get through this. Of course days were really hard for her.. and still are to this day. But we can’t imagine what she has gone through. But we are all so happy that God gave her a second chance.

She has been cancer free for over a year now and I thank God everyday that she is still with us! I love my grandmother so much and I don’t know what I would have done if I would have lost her. I’m not as close with her as all the others are because I haven’t had the pleasure of spending my whole life with her.. but now I take every chance I get to see her or spend time with her! I love her so much! People always say things like everything will be okay, think on the bright side…but in the end .. we did this and my gram is still with us today!

Thank you so much for letting me tell my story!

I love you Grandma FAYE! You’re my shinning star!

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